DoubleLoop 2.0: Introducing the Slack Bot!

The hypotheses of Double-Loop is that your product development process will continually improve if you enact the following key behaviors.

Behavior #1: After each launch or event related to your product, record what happened and its expected impact.

Consequence: You will design each new iteration with clearer objectives and measurable hypotheses.

Behavior #2:  When time passes after a launch, loop back to capture the results relative to the expected impact.

Consequence: You will discover false assumptions in your thinking. You will improve your ability to design and forecast successful launches moving forward.

Behavior #3: Allow all team members to read and author the history of your product.

Consequence: Your company’s collective knowledge of the product will increase along with confidence in product development efforts.

My goal with Double-Loop is to provide you the support and structure to consistently apply the above behaviors and reap the rewards. By helping you create a history of your company’s past launches and learning, Double-Loop, I hope, will transform your company’s ability to make the right bets moving forward.

Your Double-Loop Timeline

To make this concrete, Double-Loop enables you to build a timeline of launches and other events related to your product. To illustrate, here’s a portion of the timeline we’ve built at my company.


After you setup Double-Loop, you will arrive at a screen where you can create your first event. An event can be a launch or anything that might affect your product like a marketing campaign, news story, or Google algorithm change. For each event, you can record the summary, details, expected impact, tags, team, and screenshots. Each event will be viewable in your overall timeline and on its own dedicated page. You can edit previously created events to add results or make any updates.

Introducing the Slack Bot

I’m grateful to the BigBrain engineering team for building the new Double-Loop Slack bot!

While many of us have a desire to be rigorous in our learning process, the relentless onslaught of urgent priorities leaves us little time for this. Thus, we created a Slack bot to make it easy as possible to quickly create and update events in Slack, where you’re already living throughout your workday.

Every time you ship code, the Double-Loop Slack bot will prompt you to add an event to your timeline.



If you connect to GitHub, the Slack bot will include the description of the pull request commit for info about the deploy.

You can save new information to Double-Loop directly from Slack.



The Slack bot makes it fast to update old events.



Enter the /doubleloop Slack command whenever something meaningful happens.



True organizational learning requires behavioral change. Double-Loop Slack integration makes building a timeline seamless and habitual, providing a seed for cultural transformation within your company.

Wanna give Double-Loop a Try?

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