Intro to Product Logic

Welcome! You can get started by exploring the articles below or dropping into my stream of latest writing. Everything here is a work in progress — please hit me up with your thoughts, questions, and critiques.

Active Series

Autopoietic Product Thinking

Object-Oriented Product Thinking


Forecasting, Hedgehogs & Foxes Series

The Fox-Hedgehog Collaboration Loop. A model for how the fox and hedgehog cognitive styles can be intertwined in the creative process.


screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-12-18-25-amThe Superforecasting Playbook for Product Development. A system for optimizing prediction accuracy in product thinking.


Product Tension Series

ProductDrivenThese posts wrestle with a tension at the heart of product development between “changing the world” and adapting to the world as it is.

1. The Fundamental Tension in Product

2. A Visual Framework for Product Vision 

3. The State of Your Company (Slideshow Template)

4. The Risk of a Scientific Creative Process

5. Lean & Fat Product Thinking

6.When the Tension Snaps in Silicon Valley

Product Triangle Series

The product triangle model distills the diverse range of product management activities through a visual framework.

1. The Product Management Triangle (also available in Japanese)

2. A Map of White Space for Product Managers

3. A Visual Vocabulary for Product Building

4. A System for Designing Startup Teams

5. A Map of Ways to Fuck Up a Product

6. The Startup Triangle

How others have applied the product triangle

Daniel Demetri: 3 Types of Product Management: Which One is Right For Your Company?

Péter Fenyó Fenyvesi: The Circle of Product Management

My writing with traction elsewhere

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How do I become an effective product manager? [220+ upvotes on Quora]

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What is the future of product management? [95+ upvotes on Quora]

Why has product management become such a popular role? [95+ upvotes on Quora]

How can product managers add value at an early stage company? [85+ upvotes on Quora]

What Should A Startup Product Manager Focus On In The First 30, 60, And 90 Days? [Published on Forbes]

My side project

DL_mdsaveDouble-Loop 1.0. My side project Double-Loop, a tool for recording the history of your product, will help you continually improve your product development process. Signup to be an early user and  help shape the direction of the app.

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