My name is Dan Schmidt. I run product for MDsave and I’m the founder of Double-Loop, a tool for learning from product launches. Also, I draw mazes.

I’ve selected a few pieces below to give you an easy way to dive-in. Alternatively, here’s my latest writing. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Connect with me on Twitter, Medium, or LinkedIn.

Forecasting, Hedgehogs & Foxes Series

The Fox-Hedgehog Collaboration Loop. A model for how the fox and hedgehog cognitive styles can be intertwined in the creative process.

The Superforecasting Playbook for Product Development. A system for optimizing prediction accuracy in product thinking.

Product Tension Series

ProductDrivenThese posts wrestle with a tension at the heart of product development between “changing the world” and adapting to the world as it is.

1. The Fundamental Tension in Product

2. A Visual Framework for Product Vision 

3. The State of Your Company (Slideshow Template)

4. The Risk of a Scientific Creative Process

5. Lean & Fat Product Thinking

6.When the Tension Snaps in Silicon Valley

Product Triangle Series

The product triangle model distills the diverse range of product management activities through a visual framework.

1. The Product Management Triangle (also available in Japanese)

2. A Map of White Space for Product Managers

3. A Visual Vocabulary for Product Building

4. A System for Designing Startup Teams

5. A Map of Ways to Fuck Up a Product

6. The Startup Triangle

How others have applied the product triangle

Daniel Demetri: 3 Types of Product Management: Which One is Right For Your Company?

Péter Fenyó Fenyvesi: The Circle of Product Management

My writing with traction elsewhere

The Pros and Cons of Product Management [published on Forbes]

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