Writing a Resume for Product Management Jobs

Treat the creation of your resume as the same type of interface design challenge you face as a product manager. In a sense, you are the product, the potential employer is the user, and your resume is the product’s interface.

You have a set of experiences, accomplishments, qualities, and skills that are totally unique to you. And your potential employer has enumerated what they are looking for in the form of job description. In creating your resume, you need to devise an interface connecting your background with the job. Just as product’s interface needs to be simple, so should your resume. This entails devising a top-level structure that’s clear, digestible, impactful, and concise, while providing the avenues to dive deeper in key areas. Think carefully about the visual hierarchy and format, and don’t be constrained by conventions.

If you do this, you’ll not only have an elegant way for the potential employer to understand what you do, but your resume itself will be a demonstration of your talents.

This post appeared originally on Quora.

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