Qualities of a Product Manager & How to Grow

The product manager role isn’t meant for everyone. Just as it takes a special type of person to be a programmer or designer, it takes a particular type of person to thrive as a product manager. Here are some qualities that I think are necessary: Vision. This largely consists of being able to understand theContinue reading “Qualities of a Product Manager & How to Grow”

Endogenous Product Management

In reading┬áThe Philosophical Baby┬áby Alison Gopnik, I learned the distinction between exogenous and endogenous attention. Here’s how the two concepts are defined in Wikipedia: Attention can be directed either voluntarily, also referred to as endogenous control, or automatically, which is also called exogenous or reflexive attention. While endogenous control involves one choosing of their ownContinue reading “Endogenous Product Management”